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At Legal Aid Centre, we are a group of dedicated legal experts who believe in the principles of providing honest free legal opinion which would support our social responsible cause, as our objective is to empower people of their legal rights who face legal situations. As a common man we understand the pain and the suffering each individual goes through facing a legal situation, so getting an honest opinion would help you to decide and choose the right path for your legal situation in all over India.

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Any legal litigation could be complex and frightening for you and also for your family, but an honest opinion can help to reduce your anxiety. Our experts will take time and pain to understand every detail of your case, so that we could develop a sound legal strategy for your specific case. We provide free legal advice in family, criminal and civil law.

Our experts will provide you with free advice through all aspects of the court process, from the initial consultation through appeals, if necessary, at the High Court to Supreme Court. We provide you with dedicated and attentive legal services all the way by way of advice for you to seek the best resolution for your case. We provide a broad range of free legal advice in Family/Matrimonial, Civil & Criminal law which include divorce, contested divorce, domestic violence, 498A, mutual divorce, maintenance and alimony, civil and commercial litigation, arbitration, consumer court, trade mark, copy right, criminal complaints, appeals, cyber law, bail application, immigration and much more

Create your own personalized “Will” free of charge on your own online links given below(if needed with our expert legal team help)

As many of you know a will is a last document and testament and a declaration by a person, who is known as the Testator (a person who prepares a will is known as testator), declares his or her wish how to distribution of his/her property after their death. A will is a smooth succession planning for the wealth of any individual so that it ensures that after their demise, the legal heirs get their appropriate share without any hassles from anyone. The general misconception is a will preparation is a complicated matter and an expensive matter but it is not so, and many individuals ignore or avoid this option. On the contrary a will creation is not only important from succession point of view. It’s our legal aid centre best effort to educate and enlighten the citizens the importance of a will and to avoid intestate succession (When an individual dies without a will) and to adhere to a smooth inheritance of their property.

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1. Will for Husband

2. Will for Wife

Consumer Court Online Docket Creator

An Online Consumer Court Docket Creator a document is created and is delivered on your computer, we dont store any of your data.

Complaint Under Consumer Act(Document)

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